Môreson Poultry Farm

At Môreson Poultry Farm, we are absolutely passionate about quality!  To ensure a product of an excellent quality, we raise our own layer chickens from day-old age, produce our own chicken feed with regular input by a registered nutritionist to ensure that our hens follow a healthy and balanced diet. We also make use of the latest technology, including environmentally controlled laying houses, imported grading machines for fasts and effective grading of eggs as well as the constant monitoring of quality on all the aspects of our business.   Because we produce our own feed as well as raising our own chickens and have good systems in please to have absolute control over the quality of the eggs.  This unique characteristic of the Moreson Group give us a competitive advantage.

Customer Base

Our customer base includes large national retailers and wholesalers. Our whole product range complies with stringent audit requirements, while our own fleet of delivery vehicles ensure on-time deliveries in Gauteng, North West Province, Free State, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape. We are continually expanding to other areas.

  • Raise our own chickens

  • Produce our own chicken feed

  • Environmentally controlled laying houses

  • Imported grading machines

What others say about us

I was pleased with a well rounded flavor, not the dry, boring flavor that I am more used to from other commercial options.

The flavor of the yolk was as exceptional as the cooked coloring would suggest.

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