This part of the Môreson Group has started because of the lack of quality feed and has grown to be a leading feed factory.

                                                               We not only use the feed that are manufactured we supply to the broiler industry.

                                                               Môreson Veevoere produce plus minus 3800 ton feed per month.

                                                               We make use of a registered nutritionist for the feed formulations.

                                                               All the row materials are analysed at the laboratory on site to assure products of high quality.

                      • Chick Starter: Formulated for day old chicks Untill 6 weeks old
                      • Pullet Grower: Formulated for chickens 7 weeks to 12 weeks old
                      • Pullet Developer: Formulated for 13 weeks to point of lay hens 17-18 weeks old
                      • Layer 102: Formulated for young hens from point of laying to about 50 weeks. Daily intake per hen is about 102g per day
                      • Layer 108: Formulated for Laying hens 50 weeks and older until cull. Daily intake per hen is about 108g per day