We have 734400 laying hens in the latest technology environmentally controlled laying houses. The eggs goes to the pack station where the grading take place with two imported grading machines with the capacity of more than 648000 eggs per hour. The machines make use of sound waves to identify the cracked eggs and manage the bacteria on the eggs. The eggs monthly under goes an internal and external quality tests to insure that the consumers gets a high quality and healthier product. Moreson trade under the “no name” brand for the Pick and Pay group. Our pack station documentation and systems are being audited every year by an external food safety company namely SAFSIS.

The new Consumer Protection Act has strict rules and regulations in connection to the food industry. Traceably is very important to prevent all the risks to consumers. The food safety system are monitored every day.

Location is another benefit for us. We are situated in the central part of South Africa and therefor markets can be reach throughout South Africa and leave space for growth. Our marketers serves clients and our fleet of trucks assure that we deliver on time. The warehouse in Johannesburg assure that the eggs are distributed to the Gauteng area.